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Quentin Tarantino Sucks

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Indeed [Jun. 24th, 2009|04:35 am]
Quentin Tarantino Sucks


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"I don’t understand why people like Quentin Tarantino. All he does is make the same movie over and over and over again. All of his movies contain an unoriginal story line, 10,000 main characters, the same excessive, and unnecessary dialogue, the failed attempts at artistic shots and the smart (but not really) one-liners. Tarantino is to directing as P. Diddy is to hip-hop."

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[User Picture]From: drama_free_lj
2009-08-13 06:17 pm (UTC)


I thought that same thing today after seeing the preview for his next movie, something Bastards. And his camera angles suck!!! I don't know if he's the director of photography, but in my view the world wouldn't be so much worse if he never lived to see his career.
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[User Picture]From: boy_ish
2009-09-18 12:24 pm (UTC)


It's Inglorious Basterds. Can't be 'tards, have to be 'terds. Indeed.
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