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Quentin Tarantino Sucks
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I searched and searched for a community to share my Quentin Tarantino 'dislike', but came up empty time and time again. So, I felt it my duty to create a place for everyone who feels as I do. I know there's got to be plenty-a-person who sees through is unoriginal works, loaded with their pointless dialogue, and gratuitous violence. Yet, for some odd reason, the 'majority' doesn't seem to feel such a way.

If you can't stand his stuff, and you find yourself unable to comprehend how on earth people could like it so much, feel free to vent such here in the company of some like-minded folks.

But if you're here to needlessly defend or express your undying adoration for everything Tarantino, you're in the wrong place, and such won't be tolerated.